Iran Petrochemical Value Chain Summit Vienna

Iran Petrochemical Value Chain Summit Vienna

On July 6th, the first International Conference on Petrochemical Downstream Industries’ Investment Opportunities, summarized as:” Iran Petrochemical Value Chain Summit Vienna” was opened in Vienna at the presence of the NPC Managing Director (M. Shahdaei) and some other delegates who have been declared about 170 companies from Iran and Abroad.

The summit was inaugurated on July 6th. at the “WKO” centre in Vienna-Austria. At the opening session of the conference Mr. Javaf Yarjani the former Iranian represent at the OPEC, which also was conducting the conference, after welcoming to the audience pointed: “Fortunately the Oil & Petrochemical industries are the industry of peace and I guess we are at that special moment now, because just a couple of days ago we signed agreements with the Total and a Chinese group.’

As the first official speaker, Mr. Ebbadollah Molaie the Iranian Ambassador to Austria welcomed the participants and said: “This gathering is taking place at a time period that we are living in an important historical period for the economy and the international politics and are witnessing fast changes at important global developments”. He also noticed that: “Iran has a multi-dimensional and potential economy with vast industrial infrastructures and considerable human resources and is the most stable and safe geopolitical country in the region with convenient natural resources as well and due of all of these could be considered as a dreaming pole for investment”.

The Summit which will run in two days has been organized by the “IEBC” in cooperation with the “IICIC” of Iran with the support of NPC and the “Advantage Austria” (WKO) with collaboration of the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the “AHK“.

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Iran Petrochemical Value Chain Summit Vienna
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