The Iranian Polymer Market in Ramadan and Vast Price Decreasing

The Iranian Polymer Market in Ramadan and Vast Price DecreasingThe Iranian Polymer Market in Ramadan and Vast Price Decreasing: It was expected that at the first week of Ramadan the polymer market in Iran would be affected. Now by the start of Ramadan the last week’s almost stable market of polymers shows some fluctuation. More than that, the Downstream Industry Office (DIO) of NPC has reduced the basis of US$ for definition of prices for this week’s polymer base price sells at IME.

The experts predict that after reduction in polymer trades in last week, it is expected that the trade volume of polymer will face with much higher decrease. At the same time the DIO has calculated the price base for this week’s IME sells with a lower value for US$. On this basis 1us$ has been calculated for 37.428 Rials which results in lower base prices for today’s sells at IME.

On the other and a price comparison between the base price for polymer prices in the last week and today shows that the prices of most polymers have examined a decreasing trend and the extrusion grades of PE, LLDPE, PP for textile industry, are at the top of materials with more price decrease.

Amongst all materials the extrusion grade of PE has faced with 2.9%  reduction from 42390 Rials to 41150 Rials. Following this grade of PE, different grades of LLDPE located at the 2nd rom with 1.9% in price reduction. Divers grades of polypropylene for textile and injection processing have faced with 1.3 and 1.2 percent respectively.

Also film grades of HDPE and LDPE tested 0.9% price reduction, with PE100 extrusion grade, Blowing grade of PE and the injection and rotational following it. Whereas their prices were decreased by 300, 180, 230 and 240 respectively.

However due to increasing of demand for diverse disposable dishware, only two materials examined price increase. These were EPS with 2.47% and ABS with 1.18% increase in prices, and their prices were increased from 46.058 to 47.194 and 64.997 to 65.763 Rials respectively. Of course ABS has nothing to do with Ramadan, but its low volume offer has resulted in price increasing of this material.

According to the priced table provided by several brokers the lowest price decline was experienced by S65 type of  PVC with only 0.1% (32 Rials) and the highest was recorded for Extrusion type of PE80 with 2.93% (1241 Rials). However, due to high impact of increasing price of EPS with 2.47% (1136 Rials) the management board of the National Association of Plastics Industry had to provide a control package for the responsible bodies at NPC.

The Iranian Polymer Market in Ramadan and Vast Price Decreasing
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