Iranians after Americans Where the Others are Followers

Iranians after Americans Where Israelis at End

Exactly on June 22nd 2016 midnight (that was 7 months & 3.5 hours after launching of PIMI Portal) the number of the individual visitors of the PIMI Portal passed from 10.000. This has been an amazing feedback of the Front Page of this portal from early days.

The trend of PIMI’s visitors has always been to the favour of the American visitors of PIMI.IR since 24 hours after launching on Nov. 22, 2016. According to the historical statistics of this portal this has almost been a constant trend for this portal, i.e., Iranians have always been after Americans. Why? We ourselves don’t know and have not been able to find the reason by any kind of different analysis of every data sections of this portal.

Most amazing than that, was the number of the Israelis’ viewers and visitors which their places were bouncing between 6-7. However, since a couple of months ago the ranking of the Israelis went down step by step and remained almost fixed at the 10th row.

Whereas this portal is launching from Iran; The Iranian Government doesn’t recognizes Israel as an State; There are no hopes of any relations including trade and economical relations between the two, and finally this Portal doesn’t cover any kind of political issues, why the Israelis viewers are interested in this portal is also a big question for us. Of course the existence of such a record supports the correctness of this Portal’s statistics, and because of that we are pointing to it.

By the way, one can’t deny the fact that this Portal is a true -and now a trustee- international media and so the intelligent dictates the use of such a full of data website which keeps to be updated two times a day.

All of these, as a mater of fact, can’t stop our decision to keep improving of this website and expand our network to every corners of the world where the polymers are playing a role in the daily life of the nations.

Iranians after Americans Where the Others are Followers
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