Is the People’s think of the Baltics,Think About Russia Too?

Is the People's think of the Baltics,Think About Russia Too? Another issue of the “Project Catrgo Weekly” has been published and we have received it becuase of  a previous meeting between the Editor “Bo H. Drewsen” and our CEO in the “Heavy Iran 2016” here in Tehran. The issue no. 39 of the PCW has a very intereting Editorial at the first para.  So to support a colleague thousands of miles away from us, we are publishing some selective titles of this issue:

Editorail by Bo. H. Drewsen

Week 39 has arrived and so has your new issue of Project Cargo Weekly. A current hot topic, at least in Europe, is the re-election of the German chancellor Ms. Merkel, but also the arrival of a newcomer in the parliament called AfD. It seems that any new party daring to upset the status quo are branded populists by most of the mainstream news media. What does that mean? I tend to believe that they must be popular and have a message that seemingly 8 million people in Germany like to hear – that is ALSO democracy when someone gets voted in, that one may dislike.

Here at my home there is generally no democracy and I am not popular, but c’est la vie right?

Some selective titkles from the new issue of CPW:

Baltic Freight Services (BFS) – Lithuania

When people think of the Baltics they naturally think about Russia too. Can you organise transshipments to/from Russia? Elaborate if you will, a bit about how it’s done.

Lithuania, as well as the rest of the Baltic countries, has always been a kind of gateway to the CIS markets. A very good geographical location and efficiency in handling transit cargoes enables us to service clients from Western Europe and Russia or Belarus. Excellent understanding of logistics specifics in Russia, a high level of customer service and even very good knowledge of the Russian language are other reasons why many Russian clients entrust their cargo to logistics providers from the Baltics.

Hijacked ‘Landshut’ Airplane Returns to Germany with Help from Logistics Plus

Logistics Plus, working with its global partner Salco Logistics, has played a crucial role in helping the hijacked ‘Landshut’ airplane return home to Germany. The German airplane, that a Palestinian militant group hijacked and flew to Somalia in 1977, is returning home to Germany to be restored. The plane’s hijacking was a key moment of the so-called “German Autumn”

Guidance for carrying cargo in non-operating refrigerated containers issued
In order to minimise empty repositioning costs, container operators frequently use reefer containers in a ‘non-operating’ mode to carry approved dry cargo – either on a return leg or to re-position the equipment without operating the refrigeration machinery. Because of the differences between General Purpose and Refrigerated containers (both the design and the materials), additional considerations are necessary in relation to approval of cargo to be carried in this way and the packing requirements that need to be taken into account. Read more…

Ikea Industry invests in Kazlų Rūda furniture production
IKEA Industry has decided to invest in furniture production in Kazlų Rūda and advanced technology will offer an opportunity to double the production capacity. Construction is scheduled to start this autumn.


“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan” (J.F. Kennedy)

Is the People’s think of the Baltics,Think About Russia Too?
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