No Sound of Music in IranPlast 2016

No Sound of Music in IranPlast 2016
No Sound of Music in IranPlast 2016

Everybody in the field knows that any plastics & rubber exhibition has several famous sounds; “Click-Clocks” and toggling of injection moulding machines, “noises” of blowing machines and extruders, and roars of cooling fans and chillers. These are the “Sound of the Musics” of all plastics & rubber exhibitions. However, the 10th IranPlast Exhibition had no “Sound of the Music” because of almost a national ban on the exhibition by 90% of the Iranian Machine Manufacturers, many convertors and parts producers and even specialty media and private research companies. In one word, the 10th IranPlast was only 10% of the Iranian plastics industries power and abilities, excluding of the whole rubber and mould-making industries all the way.

At the 1st rainy day, the showers were the best excuses of the executives for lack of visitors. Digitally recorded statistics show only less than 200 visitors for the whole day (Note: these are excluding of the crowd accompanying two Ministers and the 1st Vice-President of Iran, that get in and get out without any registration). The 2nd day was almost a little bit more busier than the other day. It was a Thursday in Iran which is normally a closing or only half a day working for many people within the industry. So, the expectation for the higher number of visitors was not too imaginary.

Even with more visitors, the only stands that were welcomed were those which had something to present to the visitors.

May be the most important event of the day was the “K’2016 Conference” arranged by “Messe Dusseldorf” and organized by the German Exhibitions’ Office in Iran (Fujan Rahbaran Aati Co.). The Conference started almost 45 mts later due to the late arrival of many registered participants. The conference started by Mr. Wienkamp’s of “Messe Dusseldorf” informative speech about the facts and figures of the “K 2016”, and later carried out by Mr. “Ulicht Reifenhauser” detailed explanations about the importance of the plastics world and its role in K’ 2016.



Mr. Reifenhauser speech welcomed by many present audience and raised several questions, whereas Mr. Wienkamp had to explain some expectations of the audience for visa, lodging and so on.

Media questioning was the end of this one of the two conferences of the 2nd day. The 2nd conference run by NPC and with managed audience from the top officials and NPC staffs, was devoted to explanations of the Deputy of NPC Managaing Director about PP projects in future.

Another considerable point for the 2nd day, as reported, was the Italian Pavilion which involuntarily had been made and offered  to the Italian exhibitors (just from he viewpoint of the Italian Architecture); something which was a great dispute between a triangle of managers (ASSOCOMAPLAST MD, the IP 2016 Organizer and the CEO of PIM at the position of a defender of the Italian rights on this exhibition) for about 9 months. However, the “ASSOCOMAPLAST” stand was at one of the best halls of the Tehran’s Fairgrounds (Hall 27 the corner of the main entrance and the main cross-roads of the exhibition area) and enough eye-catching to absorb visitors questioning for the Italian machinery.

Germany and Italy are the two main foreign exhibitors at the 10th IranPlast Show with 56 and 20 exhibitors respectively.

The show-off of delegates from Afghanistan, Pakistan and some other neighbouring countries to Iran (according to the organizer, 12 delegates), was another point of the day. What they wanted to do in IP 2016? No one still doesn’t know. We hope they have been here for a real business and not juts for a show-off. Further investigations will prove it or not!

The Pakistani Delegate

At the end of the 2nd day, there were no report of any deals yet. Is it hidden or not, the PIMI team of 5 experts in questioning will find it out.



No Sound of Music in IranPlast 2016
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