Polymer Prices Ups and Downs When US$ Only Goes UP

Polymer Prices Ups and Downs When US$ Only Goes UPPolymer Prices Ups and Downs When US$ Only Goes UP. When no one knows, why should only someone know that what’s going on in the Iranian polymer prices definitions, then also there is no reason that everybody know why there are no relationship between the US$ prices which in recent weeks only gees up and the polymer prices go ups and downs!Who may know? We believe that only God knows about it.

By the way, this week’s polymer price definitions by the PDID Office of NPC declared only after another price increase in the US$ exchange rate prices was declared and so this week’s prices were determined for up to the next week (Nov. 12th, 2017) according to the price of 1 US$ for 40397 Rials. This price is  251 Rls. (about +0.6%) more than the previous week’s price for US$ base price of calculations.

Now the main questions is that, when the base price of the US$ is only going up, then why the prices determined for the polymers to be sold at the IME hall should be higher and lower in comparison with the last week’s prices?

This week’s prices for the polymers have already has some negative and positive effects over the deals at the free markets. All the latest prices have also be shown at the “last news”, and some noticeable points are as follow:

1- The highest growth rate has been recorded  for PE100 an extrusion type of PE. The growth has been 2210 Rials that is more than 4% increase;

2-Subsequently, EX3 extrusion grades with 916 Rls. and Injection PP with 428 Rials have faced with price increases;

3- Other grades such as PET bottle grades, HDPE Injection and Film grades, and PP, also experienced an increase in rates.

4- Other grades, such as PVC and LDPE film grades, also EPS, were among the other groups that experienced a decline in rates.

Dollar rate: Dollar rate has been calculated from 40146 to 40397 Rials and has increased by 251 Rls. and equal to 6%.

This rise in the dollar has shaken off part of the decline in global rates and the volatility that has stabilized the global rate, and also exacerbated the increase in commodity prices experienced by global market rates.

The following table shows the base prices of polymers that have been determined for the polymer deals at the IME hall during this week:

Polymer Prices Ups and Downs When US$ Only Goes UP

Polymer Prices Ups and Downs When US$ Only Goes UP

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