POLYPLASTIC launches a Program for Innovative Development in Auto Industry

POLYPLASTIC launches a Program for Innovative Development in Auto IndustryOn September 20, 2017. R&P POLYPLASTIC will held the 8th Conference “Effective solutions for modern auto industry challenges in Russia through the use of R&P POLYPLASTIC materials”. This educational venue targets customers from several regions including Ulyanovsk and Leningrad regions and Tatarstan. The Conference will take place in Ulyanovsk.

The key topic of the Conference shall be advanced world auto industry technologies. Together with the customers, R&P POLYPLASTIC experts shall try to work out the Program for Innovative Development for the next few years as well as up-to-date solutions for creating auto industry materials.

A special subject of the discussion shall be the application of polyphenylene sulfide materials for underhood space. As organizers call it “the material of the future”, it will shortly strengthen its positions in global consumption.

The Conference shall be attended by Russian as well as European experts who will make most interesting presentations. The event shall have a broad excursion program allowing the participants to learn more about the history of Russian auto industry.

The previous Conference was also dedicated to problems of auto industry. It was held last year in Togliatti and received a positive response from Russia composite brands consumers.

R&P POLYPLASTIC specializes in the production of thermoplastic composite materials for processing by pressure, blow and extrusion molding. Working at the intersection of science and business, we are committed to knowledge, we respect the facts and we are completely dedicated to our business. Sharing the global values of the 21st century, R&P POLYPLASTIC responsibly transforms them into real actions, subordinating its commercial, production and corporate processes to the idea of sustainable development.

POLYPLASTIC launches a Program for Innovative Development in Auto Industry
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