Removing Moisture from high-contaminated Materials

Removing Moisture from high-contaminated Materials


Removing Moisture from high-contaminated Materials

Always at the forefront in recycling equipment for all polymeric materials, Tecnova can manufacture extrusion lines suitable for all the needs of the industry, from laboratory systems up to lines with a 2-ton/h capacity that can process many different types of plastics, from the traditional ones to biopolymers. The company is active all over the world, without neglecting the Italian market that continues to give satisfaction thanks to the many machines installed and working efficiently.

Regeneration of plastics is constantly evolving. For this reason, it is essential for a recycler to have the best performing and reliable equipment available at the time. Today the process requirements are moving more and more frequently towards the recycling, processing and exploiting of materials with a high degree of contamination and moisture, like, for example, heavily printed products.

The double degassing systems by Tecnova are able to remove moisture up to values of 7-8%, which can go up to 15% with the new degassing system called VTS (Vacuum Twin Stuffer). As a result of constant research aimed at continuous improvement of single-screw extrusion lines, the natural degassing VTS system with automatic restore of the melt material.has been developed. This component is able to double the capacity of … .

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Removing Moisture from high-contaminated Materials
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