SIKORA Presents for the First Time in the K Show

SIKORA Presents for the First Time in the K Show

SIKORA of Germany has attended to the K Show for 2016 and for the first time is presenting its innovations for the World’s journalists gathering at the K 2016 preview 3 days conferences. This article makes you more familiar with this company.

SIKORA AG is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative online measuring, control, inspection and sorting technology for the hose and tube, wire and cable as well as optical fiber and plastics industries. Worldwide users of the devices benefit from highest manufacturing quality, productivity and process efficiency. Precisely and reliably, modern laser, X-ray and millimeter wave technologies measure product parameters such as the diameter, ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity.

SIKORA solutions – Inspection and sorting of plastics material

With the PURITY SCANNER SIKORA offers an online system for inspection and automatic sorting of plastic pellets during the production. In addition, SIKORA provides modularly designed devices for on- and offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes. The systems are based on X-ray, infrared or optical technologies and are suitable for various applications. They assure the highest material quality, significant process optimization and cost saving.

SIKORA solutions – Tube extrusion

In cooperation with well-known partners such as the Fraunhofer Research Institute for High-frequency Physics and Radar Technology (FHR) and the South German Institute for Plastics (SKZ), SIKORA has developed the innovative CENTERWAVE 6000. On the basis of millimeter wave technology the system measures precisely the inner and outer diameter, ovality, wall thicknesses and the sagging of large plastics tubes with a diameter from 120 to 2,500 mm. Also wall thicknesses of multi-layer tubes are precisely determined by the system independently of material type or temperature of the measuring object. The highest priority at the extrusion of plastic tubes is given to product quality as well as the reduction of material costs. A continuous control of production data assures quality and helps to avoid wall thickness oversize. The tube manufacturer needs less material and achieves more efficient material usage.

SIKORA solutions – Made in Germany and globally in use

SIKORA‘s headquarters is in Bremen, Germany. Since 1973 the quality equipment has been developed and manufactured there. With 200 employees worldwide, 12 international offices on all five continents and more than 30 regional representatives the medium-sized company serves customers with innovative product solutions and individual service.

Since 1993 SIKORA has been meeting the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The certification confirms the company’s focus on continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction is SIKORA’s primary objective. Innovation, technological know-how, quality and service are the four pillars of SIKORA’s company philosophy. A strong research and development team is continuously working on the development of new technologies that allow producers of tubes as well as plastic manufacturers and processors to optimize processes and make them more efficient. All activities at SIKORA are focused on the customer’s needs.

Millimeter wave technology for online measurement of diameter, ovality, wall thicknesses and sagging of large plastic tubes

At the K-show 2016 in Düsseldorf SIKORA presents for the first time the CENTERWAVE 6000, an innovative system based on millimeter wave technology for measuring the diameter, ovality, wall thickness and sagging of large plastic tubes from 120mm.

SIKORA, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Research Institute for High-frequency Physics and Radar Technology (FHR) and the South German Institute for Plastics (SKZ), has developed a new technology based on millimeter wave technique. This technology measures online, on a non-contact basis and precisely the inner and outer diameter of large plastic tubes with a diameter from 120 mm and determines ovality, wall thicknesses and the sagging (“sagging” of the melt during solidification at a too high viscosity). Also the wall thicknesses of multi-layer tubes are precisely determined by the system, independently of material type and temperature of the measuring object. The measuring system adapts itself to the characteristics of the extruded plastics and does not require any calibration by the operator. This increases product quality and ensures significant material and cost savings during extrusion.


Several static or one or two continuously rotating transceiver, arranged around the circumference of a tube, continuously send and receive frequency modulated millimeter waves. A static system measures selectively the wall thickness and the outer/inner diameter of the tube. If there is a complete recording of the wall thickness around the entire circumference of the tube required, a rotating gauge head is used. This design concept also allows to precisely measure and represent the sagging. The measurement is based on the runtime difference of the reflected signals that are reflected by the boundary layers, as for example each front and back side of a plastic. The signals that are detected and demodulated by the receiver of each transceiver contain information regarding the distance between boundary layers of different materials. Measurements are taken from a wall thickness of 4 mm with an accuracy of a few micrometers and with a measuring rate of 250 single measuring values per second.

After an algorithmic processing of the received signals of each sensor, the requested measuring results are ready for visualization and control of the diverse tube dimensions in real time. A connected processor system provides in addition to a numerical display and graphical presentation of the measuring values a comprehensive trending and statistical information. If we assume that a line, where tubes are produced with an outer diameter of 400 mm and a wall thickness of 22.7 mm, runs at a line speed of 0.66 m/min, the machine operator receives accurate measuring results already after ca. 15 min, if there is at first a cooling trough to pass of ca. 10 m length for stabilization of the extruded tube.

Installation in the extrusion line

As temperatures have no influence on the measuring result when using millimeter wave technology, the system can be installed for hot measurement as well as at the cold end of the line for final quality control. Immediately after the first cooling, the system provides precise information. In addition, the technology covers the entire range of plastics such as PE, HDPE, PP, PA6 and PVC.


The millimeter wave technology is suitable for the measurement of any kinds of plastic tubes with a diameter from 120mm to 2,500mm and larger that are for example used for conducting water, gas, chemicals and oil. Particularly interesting is the use of the system for the extrusion of PVC, which is one of the most widely used materials for tubes in the construction and transport area. Also for PVC tubes with thick walls the system provides precise measuring values.

Another area of application is the measurement of multi-layer tubes and curved surfaces. During production, there is the risk that the melt that leaves the tube tool flows down as a result of gravity and thus negatively influences the tube wall thickness distribution. This “sagging” is identified by the measuring method. Via a display and control device the machine operator immediately receives information on the production process to take actions if necessary.



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SIKORA Presents for the First Time in the K Show
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