Stock Exchanges Recorded the Highest Trading Volume of Polymer Goods

Stock Exchanges Recorded the Highest Trading Volume of Polymer GoodsStock Exchanges” Recorded the Highest: The deal, with more than 59,000 tons of polymeric products, which is the highest trading figure since late May, suggests a market outflow from a stagnant phase.

Increasing the volume of traded polymers on stock exchanges along with the growth of prices could be considered the most important signal of the market last week, although the volume of the trade in chemical compounds declined.
Last week, we saw an increase in the volume of traded polymers on the stock exchange, which resulted in a weekly gross trading volume of 35%. The transaction record of 59,132.46 tons, the highest trading figure since late May, suggests a market passage from the previous downturn, and is itself a signal of boosting optimism for the prospect of this market.
According to the report, during this period, the volume of supply has not changed, but demand has grown by more than 51 percent. This feature suggests that the market experienced a higher uptrend in the last week with a dollar leverage to absorb supply, which means that if the supply volumes were rising in the market for polymers, more growth would have been recorded.
Also, the growth of USDollar prices in the free market, the aggravation of fragile world prices, low inventories, optimism to the outlook for price growth, and even worries about a further increase in dollar prices and base rates on commodity exchanges can be cited as strengthening this The market was focused on trading volumes.
While prices rose in the free market, it was indicative of an increase in the purchasing power of the Commodity Exchange. Another important point of the deal was 89.75% supply of polymers on the stock exchange last week, the highest since early December last year. This can be seen as another signal of the reality of trading in commodities, which also reminds us of the need to increase supply volumes. On the other hand, the demand for polymers on the stock exchange was 2.7 times the volume of supply, which is still a signal for the attractiveness of the purchase on the stock exchange.
In the chemical compound market, we saw a 6% drop in supply volumes, which eventually led to a 7% decrease in trading volumes, while demand in this group grew by 2.7%. Last week, we saw the stock market of chemical products that traded 20,800 tons of chemical compounds, the lowest in the last three weeks.
In the free market, petrochemicals saw an average increase in prices over the previous week, which could be attributed to the rise in dollar prices, the rise in base prices, and the strengthening of demand in the free market. The market for petrochemicals seems to be optimistic about rising prices, which is an important signal for increasing trading volumes.

Stock Exchanges Recorded the Highest Trading Volume of Polymer Goods
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