The First Annual ConEx for Biopolymers and Disposables in Iran


The First Annual Conference/Exhibition for Biopolymers and Disposables in Iran: The Conference that in short is called “BDP Iran-2017” is the first ever and the only of this subject for an international conference in Iran which is going to be held in Fe. 13 & 14th, 2017 in Tehran, Iran. The Conference is proposed, outlined and programmed by the “PIMI.IR” Portal’s publication group and organized by the “Association of The Iranian Producers of Disposables” (AIPOD). Also, the “Aria Group” has been agreed to be the Secretariat of the Conference.

“BDP Iran- 2017” could be summarized based on the following subjects:

Conference Goals:

* A comprehensive focus on production of disposables for consumer and specialty (medical) products in Iran and in the global level;

* Introduction of new disposable technologies in the world by focusing on environmental issues;

* The economical advantages of disposables for environment over traditional (multi-use) products;

* Bio-Polymers and its role in all aspects of disposable production;

* New challenges on designing, materials, production technologies and marketing;

* Focusing on mandatory and voluntarily standards of disposables;

* Advantages and disadvantages of different materials and production technologies for production of disposables by special focusing on “forced to be degradable”, “semi-degradable”, ”naturally degradable” and “non-degradable” products;

*The role of additives and specially, anti-oxidants, on disposable products;

* Carcinogenic challenges over synthetic materials in comparison with polymers made from the natural and other renewable sources;

* Challenges over global warming and its relations with disposables;

*Other issues offered by participant companies.

Conference Organizers:

The Conference Is organized and with cooperation and collaborations of:

1- The Association of Iranian Producers of Disposables (AIPOD)

2- The “Aria Group” (Aria Conferences and Exhibitions Development Co.)

3- “The “Polymer Industry Media International (PIMI) Portal

The “Aria Group” will act as the Secretariat and the Executive Organizer of the Conference:

Marketing Expert
Aria group co.
Tel:(+9821) 222 400 11(10 Line)Ex:110
Fax:(+9821) 222 400 12
Add: No. 32, Building No. 1725, Prior to
Roomi Bridge, Shariati St., Tehran,Iran.

For more information please refer to the Conference website at: BDP Iran- 2017


The First Annual ConEx for Biopolymers and Disposables in Iran
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