The sanction games and the news masks


In the media world, “News Headlines” are always the master-keys for greater achievements. The magical power of this “media tool” can turn occasional readers of media into its loyal users. Eventually, “News Headlines” play a crucial role in maintaining daily newspapers and news agencies. No wonder if espionage plotting in the editorial rooms of the highly competitive dailies could have been expected.

Although “News Headlines” might always be awareness, responsive, insightful and unique, however, on Jan. 15th 2016 almost all headlines of the world’s media manipulated with four key words: “Iran, Sanctions, US and Lifting”: ISUL instead of ISIL!

From the viewpoint of globally affecting news, undoubtedly, Jan. 15th 2016, is the 2nd and the best antithetical record breaking “News Day” in 21st century after atrocious and nasty 9.11 events. This proves the importance of the “Day” for the world’s peace and prosperity. Unusual for media, after announcement of JCOPA’s implementation, instead of jumping on the keyboards, PIMI editors preferred to remain soundless, in order to discern inherent facts behind all international enthusiasm created by media chaos.

In our view, arresting of US sailors an hour before Barak Obama’s last State of the Union address, and the trend of their fast release at a couple of days before arrival of the Iranian FM to Vienna, is a worldwide signal to those who are exhilarated of Jan. 15th News Headlines; i.e., Sanctions are the games which on one hand; some international wise politicians (+ Iranians) have arranged it like a playoff league and all teams (including the world’s extremist teams) have been forced to play their part in accordance with the agenda, and, in the other hand; There are media, which similar to all other international beneficiaries of the “New Iran”, compose part of the audience and are responsible to control the Fanfares’ anticipations through continuous publication and broadcasting of diverse masking “News Headlines” in the world’s arena! In my opinion, the best pathway to stop or to divert domestic and internationally related or independent extremists!

Fortunately, it looks as if there are only few ones who are happy of the extremist team’s victory! And, analyzing such an “Ecolitical”** plan, illustrates the similarity of the US sailors’ arresting process with a camp of practice squads, which has no effect on determination of the finalists; It should be a win-win game!

The world, in our view again, is still in the semi-final part of this complicated playoff game, and most internationally seen media know “How and When” to create their masking “News Headlines”. Looking deeper at this “Ecolitical” sanction games, makes it predictable that Iran will turn into an open market in near future with friendly diversion towards global politics’ demands. At that stage, Iran will be part of “WTO” with truly peaceful and productive “Ecolitical” behavior in absentee of most extremists. But, how does it work for the Iranian Polymer Industries?

At the end of the 1st quarter of 2015, the total volume of officially issued productivity licenses by the “Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade=IMT” and its provincial offices recorded a total capacity of 16.5 million tons of production demand for plastics & rubbers’ finished and semi-finished goods. However, since the 1st and the 2nd annual reports of the Iranian President to the Nation (Aug. 03- 2014 & 2015) confirmed that vast investigations by the 11th IRI Government prove mishandling of very low interest rates’ banking loans and subsidies for industrial developments to other activities (during 9th and 10th IRI Governments) then, further investigations by private sector (including PIM*) established the share of the Iranian Plastics Industries at about 3.5mt. This means, Iran has a factual licensee capacity of 13.5mt of plastics goods’ production, out of which, only 20-25% is Iran’s real domestic production and the present time.

Now, the real time records, figures and statistics show that out of this huge capacity, the real Iranian’s total plastics converting production has been recorded as 3.2mt (March, 21st 2015) and the upsetting fact is that most converting factories are now working with only about 20-25% of their installed capacities, whereas several thousands of established factories during 1970-1990’s have either been intentionally forced to shut down or being kept at a pending situation due to their inability to compete in price and quality, or course because of their old machinery/technology or utilization of low speed/quality Chinese production lines during the sanctions period. In the other words, the figures will (be published later at this portal) exemplify the need of the owners of about 6.5mt of the installed capacities to renovate their low-tech machinery and production lines to most modern and fast types and further 7mt of licensees to importation of high-tech European know-how and fast production lines. Fulfillment of these wishes needs the fastest possible lifting of the sanctions in true and trustee actions and a convenient international banking process for/with Iran.

To force the time to reach sooner to the near future, all Iranian entrepreneurs in one side, and all those who wish to do business with Iran, in the other side, might consider the fact that, at the moment Iran neither should be a prospect for very high-tech technology/product which don’t need the manpower (due to high unemployment rate in Iran), nor, it could be the financial supplier of the near bankrupt international companies or would be implemented to help recovery of the lost markets of off-techs. Each part should fairly play their final games by considering the facts behind the existence of every single human being in the world; a fair life based on the meritocracy.

I cross my fingers hopefully to watch the final game at the world arena under a mild sunshine.

A.A. Saatnia

Jan. 31st , 2016


 *) PIM: Plastic Industry Magazine; and

**) “Ecolitical”: I have never heard or read about such abbreviation anywhere else, so I think it is a word created by this writer to show the “Economical plans based on pure Politics”

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This section will be updated at the end of Feb. 2016

The sanction games and the news masks
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