Wanhua Chemical receives Excellent Supplier award

Wanhua Chemical receives Excellent Supplier award
Dr. Carl Hua, Senior Vice President of Wanhua Chemical, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Wanhua Chemical has received the “Excellent Supplier 2015” award from PPG Industries. The award ceremony was held in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, at the headquarters of the PPG group.

“Wanhua Chemical served PPG exceptionally in 2015, with outstanding products, services, innovation and overall value,” said Radhika Batra, PPG vice president, corporate purchasing and logistics. “We are happy to recognise Wanhua’s efforts with…

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About Wanhua Chemical:


The main business of Wanhua Chemical is the R&D, production and sales of PU series products, like isocyanate and polyol; the series petrochemical products, like PO/AE; the functioning materials of water-based coatings and the specialty chemicals. As the most competitive MDI producer in the world and the biggest TDI supplier in Europe, Wanhua has 5 manufacturing bases all over the world and has set up more than ten subsidiaries or branches in Europe, Middle-east, America, Japan, Russia, India, etc. Now, taking the customers’ need as guidance ,innovation as core competitiveness, talents as first important resources, excellent operation as solid foundation, advanced corporate culture as powerful guarantee, we will persist in the concept of responsible care and sustainable development to make our company a world-class innovative company with deep pride in our people and to gain respect from the society.

Group Structure & Business Segments

Wanhua Chemical’s main business segments consists of four parts: Polyurethane, Petro-Chemicals, Performance Solutions and Special Chemicals.


Wanhua Chemical has set up R&D centers, manufacturing bases and business centers in Yantai, Ningbo, Beijing, Zhuhai, Chengdu and Shanghai in China and has set up more than ten subsidiaries or branches in Europe, the Middle-east, America, Japan, Russia, India, etc. Meanwhile, Wanhua Chemical has its own overseas manufacturing bases in Hungary.


At Wanhua, we believe that talent is our most important resource. We attract talent through an appealing vision and gather talents by through common causes. Furthermore, Wanhua insists on systemic innovation and creating a fair & just environment to cultivate talent. At Wanhua,every employee is judged by their capability not by their appearance. Employee advancement is based on employee contributions. What’s more, Wanhua takes care of people’s needs and offers competitive salaries and a broad career development space for the employees. Wanhua is trying hard to do a good job of attracting talent, retaining talent, and cultivating talent.  Currently, Wanhua has 8900 employees(with BorsodChem included), of which one third are non-Chinese citizens.

Wanhua Chemical receives Excellent Supplier award
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