The First Iranian Thanksgiving Ceremony for Two Alive Industrialist

For the first time within the Iranian industries an association decided to present a thanksgiving rather than commemorating ceremony to two persons when they are alive. The ceremony celebrated on Christmas eve was arranged by PMMA (The Plastics Machine Manufacturers of Association) which is now under the management of Mr. “Hervik Yarijanian”. Some sources believe that it has been the initiative of Mr. Yarijanian including the huge expenses. Due to the length of the news PIMI has decided to divide the report into two parts.

The thanksgiving ceremony of the two pioneers of the Iranian plastics industry, Mr. “Zohrab Boghouzian” and Mr. Ahmad Ali Saatnia (now the CEO of PIMI Portal), held last evening at the Armenian Hall of Industrialists  (Aram Hall) concurrently with the Christmas Eve. Many state officials, craftsmen and private sector activists, also the Ambassador of Armenia ( Artashes Toumanian), 3 Iranian MP’s and the head of the Iran-China Trade Chamber (Mr. H. Asgar Oladi- The following photo) attended to the ceremony which arranged to celebrate more than half a century of these two pioneers’ services to the Iranian plastics industry,  at a calm and cheerful atmosphere.

The welcoming address given by Mr. Yarijanian, was very short and sweet. He pointed to the 55 years of Mr. Zohrab Boghouzian and more than 50 years of Mr. Saatnia devotions to the plastics industries in Iran. The latter more for establishment of the first Iranian magazine in the field of plastics industry and his more than 30 years of activities for development of the industrialists’ technical knowledge and culture.

The Ceremony was an initiative of the PMMA Association heading by Mr. Hervik Yarijanian in the Christmas night and attended by a large number of industrialists, economical activists, heads of associations, unions and syndicates and several state officials.

Mr.  Mahmoud  Shahriari  a famous TV figure was the conductor of the event in order to keep the atmosphere as a happy night, also saving its prestigious for the cause of the celebration. He first presented a biography of Mr. Zohrab Boghouzian, saying that: “After he lost his parents before being even 9 years old, he started and had to start a job by changing his residence form his birth place (Fariden- Isfahan) to Teheran”.  Shahriari then added: “He went on to work in Teheran using his father’s metal skills to make simple mechanical equipment”. Pointing to the presence of Mr. Zohrab Boghouzian”  he reviewed the Zohrab’s life till the days that he had decided to build an extruder machine before the revolution.  He, finally, cheered Mr. Zohrab’s 55 years of efforts for establishing one of the first plastics machine manufacturing companies of Iran with the “ZOHRAB” brand, which still goes at the same track by the activities and management of his two sons; Raymond and Rubik Boghouzian. (The following Image)

Because of presence of Mr. Zohrab Boghouzian, for sure the main focus was over him, by slicing a 55 Kg. cake having the shape of “55” as a memorandum of his 55 years of services to the plastics machinery sector. But, it was not the last, since several appreciation tabloids and write ups were added to the cake slicing and several times of applauding.

After commemorating of Mr. Boghouzian, and a short speech given by Mr. Asgar-Oladi – the head of the Iran-China Chamber of commerce and a very giant Iranian businessman, also a close revolutionary ally of the IRI. He pointed to the country’s economic problems and insisted that the most important solution would be exportation of Iranian made goods by utilization of new technology- it was the turn for the PIMI’s CEO to be appreciated at the next person of the night. (will read at the 2nd pat)

Hervik Yarijanian

Now, the chairman of the PMMA he is a very active personality within the machine manufacturers of Iran for the plastics industry. He is the president of Iran-Armenia Chamber of Trade, also the first deputy to the Iran-China Chamber of commerce. He is a very successful business figure which is more known as the follower of his passed away (Tatavous Yarijanian) father’s brand of “SINGER” machinery for the plastics industry.

Being the agent of the “Kruass Maffei” in Iran (except extruders) he is always carrying other trade activities far from plastics machinery. In 1995 when he was a mechanical student he found Plastics Industry Magazine in a kiosk and very soon became a subscriber and advertiser for the oldest and the first plastics magazine in Iran.

The First Iranian Thanksgiving Ceremony for Two Alive Industrialist

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