NPC Director Estimates the Iranplast Exhibition a World Class Event

NPC Director Estimates the Iranplast Exhibition a World Class EventToday was the last day of the Iranplast 11th edition. Many expected a miracle and the reports of our team shows a general dissatisfaction. However, the management team and the license owners of the exhibition believe in the other way. The following shows, the latest interview of Mrs. Marzieh Shahdaei the NPC Director.

Managing Director of the National Petrochemical Company NPC responding to reporters’ questions about how the fair could be evaluated for her vies, said that: “the 11th IranPlast Exhibition was an opportunity for technology transfer and attracting new investments in various sectors of Iran’s petrochemical industry.”

She also added: “By visiting and framing international exhibitions and getting help from international organizers, we tried to hold the exhibition in a world class level, also with the feedback and suggestions provided, I hope that the exhibitions of the next editions will be held in a wider range.”
The Deputy Minister for Petroleum in Petrochemical Affairs said about the main goals of the exhibition: “We should never forget that the main goal of the IranPlast Exhibition is the gathering of the activists of the plastics and polymer industry, that is, upstream and downstream producers of petrochemicals and manufacturers of domestic machinery and equipment and devices beside each other and under one roof and bring about industrial integration.”
She also stated: “Petrochemicals are the economic and economic pillar of the country’s job creation and economic growth and development.”

NPC managing director said: “IranPlast Exhibition as one of the most reputable specialized exhibitions of plastics industry in the region has placed the capacities and capabilities of this industry in the perspective of the world.. It should be noted that this big event will provide an opportunity to present the new achievements of the plastics industry, display the innovations and achievements of the industry’s technology, and pay attention to the capabilities of the industry and focus on removing the challenges and obstacles to its development and explanation.
She added that the memorandums signed with internationally accredited companies will soon close their technical and economic estimates by foreign companies and their results will be announced in the near future.

A guideline on incentive packages for attracting foreign investors said that incentives to complete the production chain from upstream and downstream are considered that by completing each phase of the chain, manufacturers will be discounted at the feed price, that is, producers of petrochemical products with If you go through the three phases of the chain, you will have a discount of up to 30% in the deprived areas at the feed price.

ُShe said: “Incentives to complete the petrochemical production chain in the upstream and downstream areas were considered. By completing each stage of the chain, manufacturers are reduced to feed prices, which means petrochemical producers in the deprived areas of the country, who use gas supplies to feed, if they go through three stages of the chain, their feed prices will be reduced by up to 30%.

NPC Director Estimates the Iranplast Exhibition a World Class Event
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