21pct Increase in Foreign Exhibitors Participation at Iranplast 2017

21pct Increase in Foreign Exhibitors Participation at Iranplast 2017

At a press conference organized in the central building of NPC, today Mon. Sept. 18th, Marzieh Shahdaie the deputy to the Oil Minister and the managing director of the National Petrochemical Company of Iran answered to the media questions about Iranplast and also explained about the future plans of NPC.

She noticed to the exhibitor numbers and concluded that at this year’s Iranplast international exhibition about 600 Iranian and 524 non-Iranian companies will participate and such a huge gathering of plastics industries at this level is a great event in the Asian and the world’s polymer products. She explained that the fair will provide considerable opportunities for the Iranian and foreign countries and we can confirm that after the “JCOPA” the presence of the foreign companies has increased by 21%.

Noting to the slogan of the 11th Iranplast, Shahdaie said: This year’s Iranplast motto is “The Optimization of the Business Atmosphere in Downstream Industries”. “The main goal of this slogan is also the highest productivity of after JCOPA golden opportunities and the export possibilities for services and products” She added.

Shahdaie also noticed to the foreign investment opportunities and technology transfer which is now possible at the present atmosphere of the country. “Increasing the share of knowledge increasing and growth of job creations with completion of the added value chains of the petrochemicals are another most important aims of this year’s Iranplast”.

The deputy to the Oil Minister, Shahdaie, also explained about the values of downstream industries of the petrochemical industry in the country’s economy and extra exports of the finished products. “Our view is to gain the first ranking in the region from the viewpoint of the products’ value and the realization of such a goal will happen by increasing the added value of the downstream industries and special attention to it” She added.

By pointing to the further study on the statistics of the production of polymer products in the world and Iran, she said :The global polymer capacity is 390 million tons per year, with the highest share of 107 million tons of polyethylene production and 75 million tons of polypropylene”. “Regarding the policies of the petrochemical industry in the past, the focus has been on setting up base units and polyethylene production, and on this basis, we need to increase the production of polypropylene in future plans.” She noticed then.

Shahdaie further added that: “From 304 million tons of world production, the share of the production of polymer products in the Middle East was 10 percent, of which 2 percent belongs to Iran. Also, the total capacity installed in the complexes is 8 million and 399 thousand tons. In 1995, we were able to produce 6 million and 133 thousand tons of products, and in the plannings for this year we will have about one million tons of increase in production, which will be planned by increasing the efficiency of our complexes and providing the amount of food needed for polyethylene complexes.”

None of the Iranian news agencies have yet published her press conference in English.


21pct Increase in Foreign Exhibitors Participation at Iranplast 2017

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