A Silent Exhibition that Terminated with Hopes for Future

A Silent Exhibition that Terminated with Hopes for FutureToday, Jan. 26th 2018, at the 4th day of the 2nd TehranPlast exhibition, the event concluded with almost every converters ready at the scene, being a visitor or exhibitor, or professionally being only a domestic producer or a successful exporter, all were complaining of the sharp increase in the polymer prices in Iran and complaining about the petrochemical units and the NPC’s inert position with respect to the exhibition.

Viewing hundreds of photos shows a silent exhibition with very happy exhibitors? Why? We asked and many answered: “Because we are unhappy of Iranplast. We are humiliated at Iranplast. We are under surveillance and under control, and have to accept many pressures, but at TehranPlast we feel at home”. But this was not the last point. Many were also complaining about the polymer prices in Iran by petrochemical companies. For example; though someone like Mr. “Houshang Parsa” a giant producer and an exporter of diverse plastics films and packaging materials, that may gain from the increasing of foreign currency and polymer prices, but he is also foreseeing such a sharp increase in polymer prices a great threat for both producers and exporters.

In part of an iterview he says: “ At the moment, this acceleration {in polymer prices} are not even in the interest of the exporters and their work is facing a lot of problems. As an exporter, I can say that even an exporter cannot profit from the exchange rate.”

A Silent Exhibition that Terminated with Hopes for FutureOf course, Houshang Parsa, was not the only one who blamed the relation of currencies and the polymer prices. In fact at the 2nd day of the exhibition, a question was passing in between exhibitors and visitors: “What will happen next? If this trend goes on many factories would be shutdown sooner or later. Is that right?”

We think the TehranPlast has opened a new atmosphere for the Iranian pastics industries and it seems that the fall of IranPlast has been switched on!

A Silent Exhibition that Terminated with Hopes for Future
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