PIMI advertisement Pricing & Sampler Pages (Advertisements References)


 Since Jan 1st. 2018, all prices will be calculated in Pound Sterling and other basics for calculations remain unchanged.

PIMI.IR Table of Advert Price Base (Link to Calculate Page)

This sampler shows you images of what has been explained for the positions of advertisements on the related table and also the estimated (and not net) prices:


1- Row 01 in the table: This is the “ONLY ONE” and not repeatable position of an advertisement at the heart of PIMI website (This offer is not available since Jan. 1st 2018 and has been replaced with the left and right side banners)


1- Left & Right side fixed banner

If ordered for one year the he price would 7000 Pound Sterling 

Extra benefits which adds to the value of this special advert are: A) Publication of the same ad (different size due to different structure of our Farsi website ; B) Links at both websites to customers’ desired links; C) 1 PR per month (max. 500 words) at PIMI.IR and its Farsi translation, all with desired linking (no translation cost), Local support for those who want more info via Farsi comments. D) We will do our best that your customers find you simply, if your products/services are desirable for them.


2- Row 02 in the table: This is a special offer for those customers who wish to pay the least possible but to benefit more. According to this advert plan, either we will make a Qr Code which only directs the Code to your website, or we can receive a Qr Code designed by your artists and we will publish it at the QRCode’s page of PIMI. Benefits: A) The same Code will be published at our Farsi website with link to your website; B) Your company name will be indexed at both sides; C) We will do our best that your customers find you simply, if your products/services are desirable for them.

PIMI Home Main Frame

 PIMI Home CRCodes Adverts

General view of main page                                                                      Focusing on the target “Qr Codes” rectangular section

PIMI QRCode Ads Main Page







What will happen, and the viewers will see


Row 03 – 09 in the table: All price bases and positions mentioned at the price table, corresponds to the positions showing at the next 3 cropped images of the PIMI home page. Advertisements at top of main news column and the right position of this column have been given most fair prices because of its position importance:

PIMI Half Page 2

PIMI Home Page, 1st Scrolled page (2nd half)

PIMI Half Page 2- Top and Right

An image of the top adverts (Rows 03 of the table)

PIMI Half Page 2- Right Position

An image of the RIGHT Side adverts’ Position (Rows 03 – 09 of the table)


Rows 10 – 13 of the Pricing Table:  This section covers all areas above the FOOTER area  of PIMI.IR home page. This area could expand to all pages; which means; One customer may ask its adverts to be shown at all pages. When the price will be higher, but we know that there should also been a considerable amount of discount (negotiable).




Rows 14- 16 of the Pricing Table: Apparently, any viewer of this website which picks up a news to read, either goes directly to the same news title’s page, or goes to the “News Category” of the same title. These are almost the same value pages for advertisements. When someone is reading the news, or the news-headlines, can’t see the adverts in the sidebar. So, the advertisements at these pages have their special values and so a little more tariffs. The sample pages are as of the following images:
New Category Page- International New Category Page- Iran











News Pages 01

Event's Page












All other pages are negotiable, in Europe, please consult the “SEINT” company and in other parts of the world, please write to “[email protected]”. Also please do not hesitate to contact for any further questions. We  are at your disposal 24 hour, 7 days a week