At the Iranplast Week Almost Many Production Activities Affected

Last week and a day before the end of the week many polymers prices fall down and there were no analyzer at the weekend to analyse the reason. On Sat. Sept. 23rd, one day before Iranplast opening, the polymer price decreasing continued for some extrusion and blowing grades  but not as sharp as Thursday and not for all. Just for few materials from Amirkabir and Arak petrochemical materials. At the opening day of Iranplast almost everything stopped, when at another Sunday the prices were determined for next two weeks.

Today, on the Iranplast day when many converters were engaged of the show, not too far from the exhibition location and at about 2 Km to the south where the NPC headquarter is located once again the discovery price was increased for about 131 Rials and the US$ base exchange rate for calculation of the material prices figured out at Rials 38928. Though, the US$ price at the same time increased only by Rials 10 and reached to Rls. 38930.

Such a decision means that the PDID Office of NPC which its name introduces its mission as the supporter of downstream industry is declined from the mission and has accepted the free market currency prices for materials price calculation. No need to go further. The factory owners could have been able to buy from the free market straight away.

Due to the next week’s holiday the prices shown in the following table have been defined for all trades at the IME hall till Oct. 8th. 2017. What can we discover from the table?

Like last week (Click Here) the highest price rise in Rls. belongs to SBR1712, SBR1520 and PET fibre grade for Rls. 2184, 2180 and 1300 respectively. From the percentage viewpoint the price increases follow the above trend and stand for SBR1712 (3.8%), SBR1502 (3.5%) and PET Fibre grade (3.5%).

All PVC grades are at the next row for the increased prices, as their prices have increased by 1.0%, and the next row stands bottle grades of PET 821 and 781 with 0.9% increase. When it goes for HDPE extrusion grade and HDPE film grade, the increased prices are really poor, and so, not noticeable.

Polystyrinics have experienced another week of price decline even their consumption at this holly month is really high. It shows that many factories have enough storage to fulfill their requirement for this month’s needs.

When refer to the next table, one can assume the negative impact of Iranpalst over production. The case which is rarely seen in the world. Everything is almost stopped or slowed down at this week in the country’s plastics industries. If not, the prices would have been changed in either direction. The 2nd table shows the latest trade prices at the Sept. 24th evening.

 Sept. 17 (Rials/Kg) Difference In RialsDifference percent %
USD rate3896738928-39-0,1
PET Bottle Grade 8214163341992359+0,9
PET Bottle Grade 7813967440017343+0.9
PET Fibre Grade 641-64536902382021300+3.5
LLDPE Grade 209AA4169541543-152-0,4
LDPE Film Grades 190/0075/0200/24204637446142-45-0,1
HDPE Extrusion EX3/PE804495544910-45-0,1
HDPE Extrusion & Pipe Grades EX3/PE1004715447365211+0,4
HDPE Blowing Grades BL3/00354122541165-60-0,1
HDPE Injection Grades HI500/525183972139348-373-0,9
HDPE Rotational Grade 38404150841119-389-0,9
HDPE  Film Grades X5/F7000416324164614-0,01
EPS 2006090059271-1629-2,7
EPS 3006090059271-1629-2,7
EPS 4005917757594-1583-2,7
GPS 15405504154986-55-0,1
HIPS 72405766057602-58-0,1
PP Injection MR2304503944994-45-0,1
PP Injection RP3404615046104-46-0,1
PP Fibre Grades 552R/Z30S3978339743-40-0,1
PVC-Emulsion E68343767838040362+1,0
PVC-S7042 (Suspension)3837638744368+1,0



PIMI Portal Analysis


PVC S65 Ghadir = 40,000 [▫️0]
PVC S65 Arvand = 40,000 [▫️0]
PVC S65 Bandar = 40,500 [➕300]
PVC S65 Ghadir = 39,000 [▫️0]
PVC S65 Arvand = 39,000 [▫️0]
PVC S65 Bandar = 39,500 [➕300]
HDPE Blowing 0035 = 46,500 [➕100]
EX5 Marun = 46,300 [➕800]
F7000 Mehr = 47,200 [➕100]
F7000 Ilam = 46,900 [➕50]
5110 = 46,800 [➕50]
Bl3 Bakhtar = 45,400 [?-200]
0075 = 51,800 [➕500]
020 = 51,700 [➕200]
Lf190 = 51,300 [➕300]
52518 = 45,000 [?-100]
2420K = 50,000 [▫️0]
2102 = 50,500 [➕200]
Lld209 Amir = 47,500 [➕400]
Lld209 Arak = 46,500 [➕100]
Z30s Mar = 48,200 [➕200]
C30s = 48,500 [▫️0]
7240 = 64,000 [➕500]
1540 = 59,300 [➕1000]
552R Arak = 47,800 [?-200]
552R Maroun = 47,800 [?-200]
10415 = 95,500 [▫️0]
548R = 53,300 [➕500]
440L = 53,000 [➕200]
N50 = 91,000 [➕900]
332C = 60,500 [▫️0]
332L = 61,000 [▫️0]
ABS150 = 90,500 [▫️0]

At the Iranplast Week Almost Many Production Activities Affected
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