Best Christmas and New Year Cards and Messages Before 2018

Best Christmas and New Year Cards and Messages Before 2018Thanks God for a lot of friends that, we at the PIMI Portal, gathered during our activity for only 25 months. This year, we received 100’s of Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards and messages.

Then, we, at the Iranian part of PIMI’s Editorial Team decided to chose the best message and the best cards that we have received till now (Sun. Dec. 25th, 2017) from our friends in the world. Eventually the chosen one belonged to most close friends of our CEO or the exhibitions that we continuously cooperating with them.

Mr. Claudio Celata and his wife (Mrs. Franca Veglia) which are undoubtedly the longest time fiends of Mr. Saatnia at the position of the SEINT company’s managers wrote:

Dear Ali,

Franca and me are very happy about your report on 2017!

We wish you, Farideh and your family an even better 2018, happy, healthy and prosperous!

Claudio Celata

We know that these two lovely and helpful couple are more than busy and closer to our CEO and so didn’t waste their time to include a computerized card as well. We wish to thank them for their all helps and devotions during 2017 to PIMI.

The K Team, most of them also the close friends to our CEO, sent a text and a Season’s Greetings card. The card for simplicity and promoter design was chosen as this text’s starting image (the above) and the text is as follow:

Season’s Greetings and a Prosperous New Year

Dear Mr. Saatnia,

There is a very old German saying to the effect that there is strength in calmness. It emphasises the fact that anyone who aims to perform well and achieve success needs to take time to recuperate, reflect and recharge batteries. The end of the year can be a good opportunity for you to do this. Relaxing with the people who are closest to you and with whom you are reminded of what is really important in life. We hope very much that you experience a season of this kind as 2017 comes to a close! And find that 2018 is a year in which you not only enjoy good health and great success but also have enough time to rest and recover.

key international trade fair like K needs to take a break now and then too. Impressions and experiences need to be considered and analysed, in order to learn from them. Following the tremendous success of K 2016 with numerous visitors, we have made an intensive review of this kind. Now we are doing everything in our power to make sure that your visit to K 2019 is a new highlight. See for yourself the many different innovations that exhibitors from the plastics industry all round the world will be presenting in Düsseldorf from 16. to 23. October 2019.

We look forward to seeing you then – but hope first of all that you enjoy some peace and quiet in the coming weeks!

Your K Team

Dr. Heinz Guptathat we have heard his name as “My best media and one of my best and most respected friends” from our CEO language, has written:

My dear friend Ahmad Ali,

thank for your dear greetings. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a good turn into 2018.

Health happiness and success for you all.

Yours Heinz Gupta

Stella Yuen & Mandy Ching, from Chinaplas sent a card and wrote:

Dear media friend, We sincerely thanks for your support to CHINAPLAS!  

We wish you a very Happy Holiday seaso

n and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Best regards, 
Stella Yuen & Mandy Ching 


Ada Leung, now a project manager at the Adsale exhibition company. wrote:

Dear Mr. Saatnia
Merry Christmas!  Wish you have a joyful and memorable Christmas with your family and friends, and a very prosperous year with good health in 2018.
Best wishes


Riccardo Ampollini and Giampiero both from MACPLAS sent a simple “Best Regards” but with a card which is very nice. it is show at the left. However, Stefania Arioli the Marketing Manager at AMAPLAST, wrote:

Dear Mr Saatnia,

I thank you for your kind words and I wish the New Year – which is coming soon for us and a little bit later for the Iranian people – may bring all of us happiness and prosperity.

Best regards,

Responsible Marketing/Marketing Manager

By the way, whatever that we have received or may receive in future days, means that the PIMI has found its international position and it makes all of us more happy than anything.

The PIMI Editorial Team in Iran


Best Christmas and New Year Cards and Messages Before 2018
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