BMB Goes Electric at K 2016

BMB goes electric at K 2016

This year, just as it does every three years, BMB will be coming to the K fair in Düsseldorf with the latest innovations from its product range, which are the result of its ongoing close collaboration with processors and its hefty investments in research and development programmes. Given that electric machines now account for around 90% of the injection moulding machines sold by the Brescia-based manufacturer, its participation at the German fair will focus on production cells capable of operating with very short, extremely precise cycle times, which consume around 45 to 60% less electrical energy.

All eyes will therefore be trained, in particular, on the eKW Full Electric series, now available in 100 to 1,150 ton versions and offering the speed and precision typical of hydraulic injection presses for packaging applications, but with some added advantages. Mindful of the growing awareness of the need for environmental protection, the BMB designers have managed, by eliminating the use of oil for the machine’s motions, to combine the performance levels allowed by the KW toggle-joint system with a dramatic reduction in energy consumption, as well as in the noise and dirt levels. The switch from hydraulic to electric drives has also made it possible to improve the setting of the operating positions and reduce the size of the machine. All the motors used on the eKWs are driven and managed by a computerised numerical control (CNC) for machine tools, and this has allowed BMB to obtain centesimal precision without having to reduce the speed of the movements.

The drives, which are interconnected, recover the braking energy, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the machine. The system, fully integrated into the drive and control functions, makes it easier to find the set positions and ensure perfect compliance with all the operating cycle values. The positioning procedures is …. .

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BMB Goes Electric at K 2016
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