HOMARESHTAN Received BIA Award of the Lorestan Province

HOMARESHTAN Received BIA Award of the Lorestan ProvinceIn the commemorating ceremony of the “Industry and Mine’s Day”  in Lorestan province, the managers of 19 selected companies received their awards from Mohammad Nahavandian.

According to the Plastics Industry Magazine (PIME) website, on the basis of reports received from the Public Relations Department of Homareshtan Industrial Group, on Monday, July 22nd, Mohammad Nahavandian, the Iranian Vice President on economy affairs and several high level economic leaders of the Lorestan province, honored 19 industrialists of the province.

Like last year and once again the Homareshtan industrial group, one of the county’s leaders in production of uPVC window and profiles, stood at the top rank and its manager, Eng. Mohsen Safaie, received the BIA statue from the VP.

Before awarding session, Mohammad Reza Saffikhani the Lorestan province’s “Industry, Mine and Trade” administrative manager, said that: “21 years ago, the day of industry and mining was approved by the General Assembly of the National Cultural Council, and during these years, various government seminars and economic activities were evaluated, though the main stresses of tolerances were suffered by the same industrial activists”

He added: “Today, 19 selected industrialists and manufacturers of the Lorestan province will be honored; the producers who continue to work in the current hard and upward conditions“.

Safi Khani said: “There are serious problems in this year, and many of our units face the problem of supplying raw materials, thus maintaining industrial units, increasing the capacity and supporting the successful units are the main concern of the Goverment, and in order to achieve this goal, a national support is needed”. However, he added; “We are sure of course that, our craftsmen and manufacturers, as in the past, will pass through these difficult conditions successfully”.

Director General of Lorestan IMT Mining also said: “Many of the production units of Lorestan have activated their R & D units and are seeking to increase their capacity, which we hope will be supported by the authorities at the present conditions for the further development of the industry sector of the province.”


About Lorestan Province:

Lorestan Province, is a province of western Iran in the Zagros Mountains. The population of Lorestan was estimated at 1,716,527 people in 2006. In 2014 it was placed in Region 4. Lorestan covers an area of 28,392 km².

Khorramabad is a city and capital of Lorestan Province, Iran. At the time of the 2006 census, its population was 328,544, in 75,945 families. Khorramabad is situated in the Zagros Mountains. Khorramabad Airport is 3 km south of the city proper. Wikipedia
Elevation: 1,147 m
Weather: 40°C, Wind NW at 14 km/h, 9% Humidity
Province: Lorestan Province
Population: 348,216 (2011) United Nations
Local time: Monday 5:41 PM
Points of interest: Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, Gerdab-e Sangi, Akhond Abu Home, Kasin Observatory, Tang-e Shabīkhūn, Shariati Park, Mirmelas Museum, Shapoori Park, Gold Falls.

HOMARESHTAN Received BIA Award of the Lorestan Province
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