How the Plastics Industries Helped the Western Iran Earthquake Victims?

Following the severe earthquake in western Iran and the death of more than 400 people from our compatriots and the destruction of many villages and cities in the west of the country, especially in the cities of Kermanshah and the surrounding villages and towns of Sar-e-Pol-e Zahab, various business sectors in Iran,  many Iranian activists in the plastics sectors and their associations and unions started to collect cash funds and temporary items for the earthquake’s remaining victims and people who have been deadly affected by the earthquake.
Although some Iranian organizations tried to use the disaster for propaganda and display their power, name and abilities but in general, this part of the country’s industry was able to take significant steps because of the ability to supply some of the needs of the affected areas and people.
Among the so called associations, members of the National Association of Plastic and Polymer Industries are collecting up to 200 million Toomans (about 40.000 Euro) from industrialist individuals (about 90 people up to this point) and companies and factories. On the other hand, a number of companies and manufacturing complexes such as “Sani Plastic – Tabarestan Complex – Kusha Plast Nikan and …) preferred to provide their assistance in general and by sending it by heavy vehicles to earthquake areas.
This website wishes all the best for these helps to the victims of 7.2 Richter earthquake happened 3 nights ago at the western part of Iran. The following photos show some of the aids dispatched to the destroyed area.

How the Plastics Industries Helped the Western Iran Earthquake Victims?
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