INPIA Decisive in Plastics Industry Education

 INPIA Decisive in Plastics Industry EducationINPIA Decisive in Plastics Industry Education

INPIA” the Iranian National Plastics Industries Association, is really decisive is its educational plans for development of the knowledge level of the Iranian industrialists active in this field.

The last annual meeting of the “Education Committee” of the “Iranian National Plastics Industry Association-INPIA” held on Feb. 29th, 2016 was held in “Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute”. During this meeting members of three working groups for developments of “Plastics Educations” were determined. According to this report, the first meeting agenda was Industry News Analysis and then the main clause of the meeting put in order, which was: “The Final draft for determination of the necessary framework for attracting sponsors to support this educational task for the Iranian Plastics Industries”

Mr. “Alireza Tork” emphasizing on faster starting of operations of the three pilot working groups for development of educations in Plastic Industry said that: “It is a necessity for these working groups that based on their technical and expertise to try to extract several educational courses”. Also it was approved that in case of confirmation of the Management Board of “INPIA”, attraction of sponsors to support activities of the working groups in due time is necessary.

He classified sponsors in 2 types: the 1st type is normally dedicated to the Educational Institutes which can benefit from their sponsorship by two methods: Branding and Advertising.

About INPIA:

Vision & Mission Statement

Iran plastic assembly mission statement
The Iran Plastic assembly board of directors has defined its responsibility to distinguish and tackle obstacles of development for member corporations in order to enhance their efficiency capital rate and their competitiveness capabilities.
The Board of Directors is continuing its duty until reaching to sublimity of Iran’s plastic industry globally with prime country’s goals until it will be recognized as a reliable and trustworthy organization among consumers and society and also it will be remained at the help of government and a loyal decision-maker.
Iran Plastic assembly includes all guild communities , raw materials producers, suppliers of dear islamic republic of Iran’s plastic industry.

INPIA Decisive in Plastics Industry Education
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