Iranian Factory Production Continues after 1.5m UD$ Fire Damage

Iranian Factory Production Continues after 1.5m UD$ Fire DamageJust two days after a massive fire in the warehouse of a disposable dishware company, adjacent to its production facilities, the factory started its production this morning.

Mr. Shahab Aghayan, director of public relations at”Caspian Plastic Aria” Corporation, said yesterday that at 14:30 Oct. 28th, a fire broke out at the factory’s main warehouse that left behind hundredth of damages to the produced goods and also destroyed the whole warehouse building. The fire ignited due to sparking of static electricity near gas capsules and flammable liquids.
Damages are estimated at about 50 to 60 Billion Rials.
Caspian Plastics Public Relations Director, said also: “In the production process, some flammable gases are used, and after the rolls are removed from the production line and transferred to the warehouse, their static electricity causes sparks and fires.”

He added: “Unfortunately, considering the fact that our product warehouse was at least 3,500 square meters in size, with 2 two-story halls, the fire quickly transferred to other parts”

Director of Public Relations of Caspian Company referring to the fire extinguishing time, said: “Fire extinguishment lasted until 22 pm last night and our warehouse was 100% burned out, but, thankfully, no damage was caused to our personnel and work forces, also production halls and our manufacturing facilities, and products. So, we will launch at market level within 3 or 4 days”

Estimates of damages, 50 to 60 billion Rials

“The Caspian Company suffered from this fire nearly 50 to 60 billion Rials (about 1.25-1.5 million US$) of course, all of our products were covered by insurance,” He said in connection with the fire damages yesterday.

“We have special fire and safety advisers who are fire brigade experts,” said Caspian’s director of public relations in response to the question of what the company had as a precautionary measure against the dangers of static electricity. They inspect the plant on a weekly basis, and fire extinguishing capsules are checked, but this stuff was completely destroyed within 3 to 4 minutes due to its high flammability.

What did the firefighters do?

Aghayan added that there was a large volume of deposed products at the warehouse, and that the intensity of the fire was so high that the firefighters only prevented the fire from flaring into other factories and could not control the fire in the warehouse and prevent it.

The labor situation that fell from the roof of the hall?

Director of Public Relations at the Caspian Company, in regard to how the worker fell into the roof of the warehouse and the result of his fall said to PIMI reportr that: “Due to the new building of the salon, a worker was installing a ventilation on the roof of this hall, which was suddenly surprised of the fire and forced to throw himself down the earth. He only suffered a hip fracture, and was quickly transferred to the hospital by helicopter and is now his general health is satisfying.

The only bad news is that, Caspian Plastic had a huge stocks of disposable containers that had made it ready for the holidays of Arbaeen. Now, other factories should compensate the lack of goods needed for that holy day.

Iranian Factory Production Continues after 1.5m UD$ Fire Damage
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