Italy, Germany and S.Korea will Expand Iran’s Auto Parts Industry

Italy, Germany and S.Korea will Expand Iran’s Auto Parts IndustryAccording to the PIMI reporter, referring to the Public Relations Department of “Part Plastic”, the chairman of the board of directors and managing director of “Part Plastic” Group announced signing of three important contracts at the 12th International Exhibition of Automotive Parts organized in Tehran. Based on this announcement, the cooperation of three internationally recognized companies for the development of automotive parts’ production in Iran is a step forward in promoting the status of “Nishapur” as an important car manufacturing zone in Iran.

Last week after signing of interrelated agreements between several groups of the Iranian auto parts manufacturers, in one side, one of the largest  contracts signed between the three international groups active in manufacturing of “Automobile Parts, Automobile Manufacturing Complexes and Technical Knowledge Transfer” and the majour Iranian group (Part Plastic) on the other side. The three groups were from Italy, Germany and Korea.
These contracts are one of the outcomes of the post-sanction period that resulted in the opening of investment possibilities and expansion of international relations, in the year when production and employment are the country’s top priorities. The Italian Lazzerini group, IWIS of Germany and GMB South Korea composed the non-Iranian side, where the Group of Plastic Parts of Iran was the core sidnatory of the contracts at the 12th International Exhibition of   “Components, Equipment and Automotive Parts” of Iran. The contracts signed at the presence of the directors of these companies as well as senior managers of some Iranian automobile industry and auto parts manufacturers of Iran.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Part Plastic Group, on the main basis of the contract, three parties will cooperate in the development of the most advanced automotive and joint venture units in Iran, which, while increasing domestic employment, will also increase the automobile industry of our country towards the production of modern technologies of car manufacturing, transfer of technology and know-how of the world, joint venturing practices, as well as the presence of Iran’s car component manufacturing industry in the global supply chain of auto parts, which is also a good platform for export.
This contract that is based on a high volume investment together with saving forex that is very suitable for our country, will also provide the necessary parts of the domestic auto industry and a significant portion of the components produced in Iran will be supplied by foreign parties in the global chain. In this regard, the parties Will create joint ventures for creating new production lines in Iran

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the 12th International Exhibition of “Components, Equipment and Automotive Parts”, Engineer Amir Nik Joo, the chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Part Plastic Group said: “Following the strategies of Iran Khodro Industrial Group to improve the technical knowledge and quality of automotive parts on the world-class, the Group of Plastic Parts has focused on its activities in cooperation with the leading manufacturers of international automotive components, which, while attracting foreign investment, the technical knowledge of the world and the achievement of the global market and good value, has also been able to satisfy the domestic customers by producing quality components.

In this regard, in order to produce a series of car seats with Lazzerini of Italy (manufacturer of Rugger and Lamborghini seats, etc.), in the manufacture of straps and sprockets with GMB South Korea (one of the largest manufacturers of bearings and straps in the world ), And final contracts were concluded in the engine chain production with IWIS Germany (a manufacturer of engine types such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz).

This entrepreneur of Khorasan Razavi province and active in the field of industry in Nishapur while referring to the results of these contracts, announced the establishment of several new companies in Khayyam Nishabur Industrial Park, and in the first phase, the creation of sustainable employment for about 600 people directly and 2000 people in the form of Indirectly.

It is worth mentioning that new foreign partners are the main suppliers of the world class car components.

Italy, Germany and S.Korea will Expand Iran’s Auto Parts Industry
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