Machining of Thermoformed Plastics was Exposed at PLAST 2018

Machining of Thermoformed Plastics was Exposed at PLAST 2018The following article has been chosen from the latest issue of MACPLASONLINE in view of the last edition of PAST 2018:
A complete range of technological solutions for every process used in machining of thermoformed plastics was presented by Biesse at Plast 2018. Visitors have been able to experience the advanced technological innovation that has characterised the company in the woodworking industry for almost 50 years, now applied to the new business of plastic and composite materials.
Since its entry in the field of technological materials in 2015, Biesse has experienced growth that exceeded expectations, with a 300% increase in sales in three years. According to Matteo Nazionale, business manager for Biesse Plastic and Composite Materials, the company achieved this growth by investing in strategic assets such as sales intelligence, distribution, and marketing & communication. The resources dedicated to this sector have increased by 30% over the past year and further significant growth is expected in 2018 as well, in the technical, service, and commercial fields. All of this is meant to increase the presence on the ground, at the service of and closer to Biesse’s true asset: the client.
After having carefully studied the target market, Biesse completed its range of equipment for machining of thermoformed plastics by introducing thermoforming units for hot moulding starting from sheets. This new technology has been introduced for the first time at Plast 2018. Next to these were the Selco Plast WN6 panel saw for sheet cutting, the Material CL for double edge form trimming, and the Rover Plast A FT to perform special machining operations.
Moreover, visitors were able to find information on Sophia, the platform which makes a wide range of services that simplify and rationalise the management of work available to the customers. It is based on a connection to a cloud service and to special sensors applied to Biesse machines. The information and data on the technologies in use can be recorded and sent just in time to optimise performance, prevent malfunctions, and increase the productivity of machines and systems.
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Machining of Thermoformed Plastics was Exposed at PLAST 2018
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