Masterbatch ConfEx Days Iranian Lectures Beside Italian Show-up

Masterbatch ConfEx Days Iranian Lectures Beside Italian Show-upToday On Tuesday, Feb. 6th 2018, the 2nd day of the 3rd International ConfEx on Masterbatch and Compounds started with speeches, presentations and workshops.

At today’s session:  Presentations, lectures, and workshops covered topics like “Physical-mechanical properties of polymer compounds,  Processes, Nanotechnology Challenge,  Powder Additives in Compounding, Masterbatch and Compoundin, Market Studies “.

In particular, the section dealing with the challenge of nanotechnology has been highly regarded by the audience and participants, and although it can be said that all of the topics in all sectors have been well received, this section has received more attention from others.

Mr. Karim Razavi, Reza Rashedi, Mohsen Jamali, Alireza Azizi, Reza Asadi Far, Siavosh Malekifar, Ismail Ghassemi, Maryam Nouri, Ali Hasani, Masoumeh Sadat Ayazi, Saharpour Ebrahim, Alireza Mahmoud Abadi, Shirin Mohammadi, Pouya Fereydouni, Shervin Ahmadi , Ali Farshidfar, Elham Zeinali, Mehdi Hamidi Arani, Majid Aqbali, Maryam Lotfizadeh, Ehsan Abbasi, Ramin Kalhor, Ali Yazd Khost, presented their presentations on the second day and in the above sections for the audience, as mentioned. Most have come up with good luck.

In the workshop area,  Stefano Bentra from CT System organized a workshop on “Material Transfer in Compounding (Carbon Black). Holding such a workshop  has been widely reported by the specialty media since previous days.

Mr. Shervin Ahmadi of the Iranian Polymer and Petrochemicals Institute conducted a workshop on “alloying”.

Several other workshops, such as “Powder Mixing, “Talc in Compounding, Principles of Engineering in Layout of  Two-Screw Components,” were also held, and the latter was also appreciated by the audience.

Next to the workshops and lectures and presentations, the side exhibition was held on the second day with more vigor and the presence of more visible audience and visitors. The following companies participated in the exhibition:

Iranian Companies:
Ava Polymer Pooya, Aria Polymer Pishgam, Idea of ​​Atbin Industry, Iran Masterbatch, Polymer Polymer, Padova Polymer, Polymer Pavillion, Dana Advanced Polymer, Pars Polymer Research, Pouya Polymer of Tehran, Chi Chemistry Color, Plastics Plastics Producer, Arosa Mixture, Inorganic chemistry Hamedani, Sanat, Farazar polymer, Kajaran, Crangin, Kirby Polymer, Mana Trade Industry, Noko Polimer Arsam, Polymer polymerization industry arsenal Aria, Polymer Pars Polymer,

Non-Iranian Companies:
Brabender, chem part, CT System, ECON, Gamma Meccanica S.P.A, ICMA

Even keeping the time on agenda was practically out of hand, but the 3rd ConfEx came to end successfully a little late.

SOURCE: Plastics Industry Magazine

Masterbatch ConfEx Days Iranian Lectures Beside Italian Show-up
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