New Polymer Prices Show Descending Trend in Iran

New Polymer Prices Show Descending Trend in Iran

Today, Sunday, on the July 1st and the 10th summer day for Iran, the PDID office of NPC,  published the new price list for some few polymers. These prices are the basic prices that are supposed to be mandatory, but the market acts always in the other way.

Interestingly on the list, there was an increase in the number of grades that had fallen prices in comparison with the previous weeks. It has been a long time that this amount of polymer goods did not declined in prices simultaneously. Unlike last week, when the reduction was often less than 1% and very small, today, in the price dropping side, most of the grades showed a one percent drop, and in the incremental range of commodities, but as with the previous week’s routine with such grades, we were even below half a percent. All this happened while the US$ value rose only by 102 Rials, which was 0.2% higher than last week.
Market downturn:
Bright SBR 1520, which in the past weeks was a record breaking in price increases even up to 7% increase in base prices in some weeks – fell to the top of the list compared to last week by 1.9% decrease, HIPS was the next by dropping of 7240 Rls/Kg, and reached to 70859 Rials with 1.9% per kilogram.
After SBR and HIPS, the bottle grades of PET dropped 1.5%. Since 4 months ago  this has been the largest decrease in the base price of this commodity.
After 1.5% decrease for above grades, the HDPE film grades dropped by 0.6%, LDPE film by 0.5%, LLDPE film grades by  0.2% in base prices.
Market Growth:
As noted earlier, the increase in market share was not impressive, and the group of PVCs was up only by 0.4% higher than last week, with the rise in base prices.
Subsequently, PP, PE including  PE 80 and extrusion grades like EX3, were up 0.2 percent higher in the next.

For all changes please refer to the following table.

CommodityJune 24th


July 1st




Change %
US$ Value4246442566+102+0.2
EPS 200 / 30066317+ 0.6
EPS 40064440+ 0.6
GPS 154064745+ 1.3
HDPE Blowing (BL3 / 0035)5221652127-82-0.2
HDPE Extrusion (EX3/PE80)5992060064+144+0.2
HDPE Extrusion (PE100)6106961053-160.0
HDPE Film (X5 / F7000)5240952086-323-0.6
HDPE Injection (HI500 / 52518)4553645523-130.0
HDPE Rotational (3840)4756547551-140.0
HIPS 72407221670859-1357-1.9
LDPE Film (190 / 020 / 0075)4779847555-243-0.5
LLDPE 209AA4586645772-94-0.2
PET Bottle G7816016959262-907-1.5
PET Bottle G7855844657566-880-1.5
PET Bottle G8216300262053-949-1.5
PET Bottle G8256122460302-949-1.5
PP Inj. (MR 230)5817458314+140+0.2
PP Textile (R552 / Z30S)5244652572+126+0.2
PVC  S70544118641342+156+0.4
PVC S574118641342+156+0.4
PVC S604045740610+153+0.4
PVC S653754137684+143+0.4
SBR Bright 15027399972585-1414-1.9
New Polymer Prices Show Descending Trend in Iran

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