Now Newspaper for Iranian Plastics & Petrochemical Industries

Now Newspaper for Iranian Plastics & Petrochemical IndustriesAfter several discussions with the owner of one of the oldest and high circulation Iranian daily commercial newspapers, “Asia”, today both CEO’s of PIMI and the Asia Economical Daily agreed upon a MOU for starting a new section at this highly respected newpaper.

Asia, is one the most popular and reliable newspapers, still having many readers in different parts of Iran, loving to feel paper!. So, the paper is ready every evening at 9.00 pm, and is distributed by trains, planes, buses throught Iran and for Tehran’s vast network of news stands by motorcycles.

The paper, previously having a special sector in English, had to stop this section after the sanctions. Now they have decided to re-establish the previous years in conjunction with many social media abilities.

The MOU makes it possible for PIMI to publish latest Iran and world news every evening for those still having a long way to be accustomed with the IT technologies. According to Mr. “Iraj Jamshidi”, the owner and the chief-editor of Asia:”The Goverment bodies need printed documents for every discussions, so we have to have a chain of media from printed version up to the best interet connections”

Such a futuristic media man, now feels that their media should apve the way for the petrochemical’s ups and downs sectors, and that is the point that PIMI comes to action and shakes the hand in order to fulfill the requirements of such a new developing sector.

The new sector is going to cover many aspects of the petchem industry by focusing on plastics, rubbers, paints, resins pigments, and packaging.

Aiming to expand and develope the knowlege and marketing of downstream industries as well as introduction present and future Iranain petrochemical industries, the editorial team of the “Petrochemical and Downstream industries” of the Asia newspaper sector have started their deeper studies over this issue.

It is expected that the sector will be published since April 10th, 2018, i.e., after the Iranian New Year.

Now Newspaper for Iranian Plastics & Petrochemical Industries

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