Official Handover of 100th Arburg Allrounder delivery to Eppendorf

Official Handover of 100th Arburg Allrounder delivery to EppendorfArburg” injection moulding machine manufacturer delivered its 100th Allrounder machine to Eppendorf: Official handover by high-ranking delegation; Arburg’s parent company in Lossburg; Milestone machine: automated two-component injection moulding of microliter plates; Long-standing cooperation: first Arburg machined acquired in 1960

On Friday, 29 September 2017, a high-ranking delegation from Eppendorf Polymers visited Arburg headquarters in Lossburg to celebrate the acquisition of their 100th Allrounder machine. Headquartered in Oldenburg, the company is part of Eppendorf AG and produces around 2.5 billion disposable plastic items for laboratory use each year. The new, two- component Allrounder with the Multilift V Robot system is intended for the manufacture of microliter plates for use in the medical sector.

Eppendorf and Arburg have been cooperating together since 1960. The first Arburg machine was one of the legendary C4b series and was used in the first injection moulding trials for the production of pipette tips and test tubes at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. The Eppendorf Polymere company now specialises in plastics production. Its machine fleet comprises 70 injection moulding machines, 60 of which are Allrounders with clamping forces of between 500 and 2000 k

Milestone machine officially handed over

A 20-strong delegation from Eppendorf Polymere, including the two Managing Directors Rainer David and Dr Thomas Reimann, as well as the management team from the Oldenburg plant, took the opportunity afforded by a management meeting held near Lossburg to pay a visit to Arburg. The highlight here was the handover of the 100th Allrounder by Arburg’s Managing Director Sales Gerhard Böhm. This was celebrated with a champagne reception held next to the milestone machine, a two-component Allrounder 570 S with Multilift V robotic system. The event was also attended by Arburg’s Director Eberhard Lutz (Freeformer Sales), Area Sales Manager Manfred Fege and Sales Consultant Gerhard Breves.

Electric drives for high level of production efficiency

“This event is a milestone in the long-standing, successful and close cooperation between our two companies,” said Rainer David, Managing Director of Eppendorf Polymere. “Our plan is to use the milestone machine to manufacture medical microliter plates.” This is Eppendorf’s sixth hydraulic two-component Allrounder. All of these machines have the second injection unit mounted “piggyback-style” at a 45 degree angle.

A successive changeover to electrical and hybrid Allrounders for the production of single-component parts began in 2009. “This enabled us to reduce cycle times by up to 15 percent, which led to a significant increase in production efficiency with our high-speed applications,” explains Rainer David. Several Allrounders operate with a Multilift robotic system and a number of turnkey systems with downstream processing are also in operation at Eppendorf.

Laboratory and analysis products used throughout the world

With 3,000 employees, the group has subsidiaries in 26 different countries and is represented by sales partners in all major markets. The range of laboratory and analysis applications includes pipettes and pipetting machines, dispensers, centrifuges and mixers, spectrometers, devices for DNA duplication as well as ultra-freezers, fermenters, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, agitators and systems for cell manipulation. Consumables such as pipette tips, vessels, microliter plates and disposable bioreactor vessels complete the range. These products are used, for example, in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries, as well as in clinical or environmental analysis laboratories, in forensics and in industrial laboratories for process analysis, production and quality assurance.


Official Handover of 100th Arburg Allrounder delivery to Eppendorf
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