Reactive Pigment Dyes, InMould Coatings and Soft-Touch Paints

Reactive Pigment Dyes, InMould Coatings and Soft-Touch Paints

Reactive Pigment Dyes, InMould Coatings and Soft-Touch Paints: ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG will be showcasing newly developed, brilliant reactive pigment dyes with high colouring power for polyether- and polyester-based slabstock as well as 2K-soft-touch paints and water-based 1K in-mould coatings at K 2016.

The Moltopren S pigment dyes are said to offer a low viscosity and a high colouring strength. The reactive dyes are incorporated into the polyurethane foam matrix via hydroxy-functional groups. According to ISL, they are suitable for use in liquid CO2 foaming processes. Using the Moltopren S products enables production of slabstocks with a homogeneous structure and improved quality, even when using higher colouring percentages. The dyes are available in three base colours and various colour shades as per request and extend ISL´s product range for the slabstock industry.

Elastic, water-based 1K-in-mould coatings are ISL´s new development for refining polyurethane form parts for interior applications. These environmentally friendly coatings are said to offer good processing and adhesion behaviour as well as resistances comparable to those of standard 2K paints.

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A short historical insight about Dr. Gupta Verlag

The Dr. Gupta Verlag is a privately held family business. Dr. Heinz Bijou Prosad Gupta (born 1932 in Calcutta) founded the publishing house in July 1993. His son, chemist Frank Ananda Gupta worked from the beginning as editor and technical director for the publishing house.

Dr. Gupta studied chemistry at the University of Bonn. After graduation, he worked for the Cable Plant Duisburg and Paguag. From 1970, he worked as a consultant for several manufacturers of tires, molded articles and foam rubber products. In 1972 he also accepted the editorship of the GAK. His work experience in the industry and as a consultant was an excellent basis for the journalistic track. At that time the GAK was still part of Gentner publishing published under the name Gummi – Asbest – Kunststoffe (rubber – asbestos – plastics). Since March 1948 the magazine was an important source of information for and within the rubber industry. The magazine was intended for the technician, the engineer and chemist. It has always been the editors’ endeavour to process objectively and scientifically sound information to a format that can easily be utilized by practitioners and quickly be used for decision making.


Reactive Pigment Dyes, InMould Coatings and Soft-Touch Paints