The Smart Extruder ICMA 4.0 From ICMA San Giorgo at K 2016

The Smart Extruder ICMA 4.0 From ICMA San Giorgo at K 2016

The Smart Extruder ICMA 4.0 From ICMA San Giorgo at K 2016

The smart extruder ICMA 4.0 From ICMA San Giorgo at K 2016: Strongly committed to the benefits of Industry 4.0 digital revolution, ICMA presents at its Booth the innovative I-Smart solution. Already applied and successfully tested, this solution consists in a co-rotating twin screw extruder equipped with advanced sensors with diagnostic capabilities able to signal the presence of malfunctions and so enabling customers to plan preventive maintenance activities, a key point to  enhance factory efficiency. This solution makes also possible to monitor specific process parameters closely related to product quality.

The subsequent digital data collection can also be made available in new ways, for example in mobility via Apps and/or through specifically designed web portals on PCs.

At ICMA’s Booth processors can also explore, with ICMA’s  team, important news related to some hot topics:

Turn-key systems:

The long history of ICMA in providing turn-key projects has been enhanced in the last years with new and more and more sophisticated and complete projects. This type of projects are in ICMA’s DNA because each single project is treated as unique. This is the approach that has always differentiated ICMA in the industry together with it customer support and pro-active competent and expert engineering team.

Direct Extrusion

On this issue, with more than 50-year experience, ICMA continues to evolve and progress reaching new areas where efficiency and cost reduction become a unique opportunity to compete at the highest levels of quality and economic return.

ICMA Scientific Learning Center

Since 2004 ICMA supports its customers with a scientific- technical course on the extruder co-rotating technology. Thanks to the growing success of this course, ICMA is now offering a complete training proposal with a new practice session in its laboratory and a session supported by a sophisticated software for process simulation. Theory, Practice and Simulation just in a single training package for existing and new customers!



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The Smart Extruder ICMA 4.0 From ICMA San Giorgo at K 2016
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