TechnoBiz Training Program Raw Materials Handling in Plastics Processing

TechnoBiz Training Program Raw Materials Handling in Plastics ProcessingTechnoBiz Training Program Raw Materials Handling in Plastics Processing: According to a circulate received from “Technobiz“, the company is organizing a training course for handling of raw materials. Details are as follow:

Course Rationale
Handling of Raw Materials (Resins and Additives) is the first processing step that a production engineer has to face in every plastics manufacturing process. From material storage requirement in silos or containers to raw materials conveying in a processing machine (such as an extruder, injection molding etc.), the smoothness and effectiveness of these processing operations are largely dependent upon our knowledge on the characteristics of the materials involved. This training course will focus on the absolute and relative importance of the related solid characteristics in plastics manufacturing processes. Topics to be discussed will include characterization of raw materials, mixing and segregation, storage and flow of raw materials etc. It is believed that an understanding of the fundamental engineering characteristics and properties of materials will be of practical significance for the design and operation of plastics manufacturing equipment and processes.
Course Contents
Raw Materials Introduction: Resins, Additives, Regrind, Material Feeding Principles, Typical Handling Problems; Characterization of Raw Materials: Size Measurement, Density Measurement, Particle shape, Sampling; Mixing and Segregation: Mixing Mechanism, Segregation Principles, Mixing Equipment; Storage of Raw Materials: Storage Containers, Types of Solid Flow, Hopper Design; Solid Flow Applications: Pneumatic Conveying, Gas Fluidization; Troubleshooting: Flow Problems, Equipment Problems, Typical Design Problems
Course Instructor: Dr. Anthony Wong
Anthony, C-Y Wong holds a B.Tech (Hons) degree and a Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford, UK. He is currently the Vice Chairman of Ngai Hing Hong Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, largely responsible for the development of international business, and the operation and management of the company’s R&D Centre which is located in Shanghai, China. He has over 30 years’ experience in the plastics industry. In his research studies, Anthony is particularly interested in plastics processing technology and has over 100 publications. Prior joining Ngai Hing Hong Co. Ltd., Anthony had been teaching in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at The University of Hong Kong for over 17 years. In his early career, Anthony had worked with BASF and Exxon Chemical as a technical support in the plastics departments.

TechnoBiz Training Program
Raw Materials Handling
in Plastics Processing
30 May 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Organized by
Plastics Industry Department @ TechnoBiz
Please download training brochure

TechnoBiz Training Program Raw Materials Handling in Plastics Processing

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