The First Year Achievements of PIMI with American Users on Top

The First Year Achievements of PIMI with American Users on Top

The First Year Achievements of PIMI with American Users on Top: PIMI special report on 22.11.2016 at 20:31 for the attention of the users and subscribers.

Exactly one year ago at this time, the PIMI Portal launched to the internet global network. The “enter” button of the lap top carrying the “local” server of PIMI Portal pushed by Dr. Hossein Entezami (Deputy to the Islamic Guidance Ministry of IRI), the highest possible ranking in Dr. Rouhani’s Administrative. This sub-event had been organized by PIM, PIME and  the Iranian Recycling magazine staffs headed by “A. A. Saatnia”, the oldest publisher of diverse media for the Iranian plastics sectors, at his Good-Bye ceremony. (Ref.: First Public Announcement by PIMI Portal)

Saatnia GB01





Since 1982, “Saatnia“, a professional in polymer science and technology (Ref: LinkedIn Profile), gradually devoted all his assets and wealth (including 3 plastics converting factories and companies, also, 4 trading and construction companies) to fund and develop the necessary media in line with the whole polymer sectors in Iran, but, always with a daily updating view of the International events.


one-year-statsPIMI Portal and then “BioDisPlast” are the latest initiatives of the “Saatnia Publication House” and now, after a year of being viewed, referred and utilized by the users and subscribers located all over the globe, the  “PIM” teams  are enjoying of the great achievements of the PIMI Portal. Not surprising that, the fast and almost daily changes of the PIMI statistics (Left side image which is saved at 20:30 from the home-page’s footer and for sure would be different when this report is uploaded) are so much exciting for every single editors and other staffs of the “PIM Teams“. Through looking at these figures, any time, all of us feel our round the clock surveying of the polymer world’s news and events and reflecting what we observe, select and edit for PIMI Portal. Sometimes we have to update it 3-4 times per day; A very hard work to handle in Iran!

To be awake round the clock, everyday, and all 365 days of a year, has been an agreed “MUST” since the inauguration of this Portal between all of us, which means, at least one colleague is looking to the world’s events every hour. Such a team work at this part of the world, is just amazing, but has been applied within the last year via time divisions.

The Results and the Figures:

Following the policies, has had great achievements for PIMI Portal, and in order to reflect it in short we wish to kindly ask you to focus on the figures and at the same time, have it in mind that, all these activities are finalized in Iran with still a moderate internet infrastructure!

Exactly at 20:30 Nov. 22nd 2016, PIMI Portal has recorded the following statistics which are controlled from Tokyo (Japan). The reason for the turning point of every other day at 12:00 midnight of Japan’s local time:

The Total Number of registered users:                       73.423 individual Persons or IP Addresses

The Total Single Visits in one year:                        3.739.596 PIMI’s Home-Page Browsing

The Average Monthly Visits:                   More than 370.000 this average number has been achieved after 6 months

The Average Daily Visits of single IP’s:                     700-920 per day except the weekends

The Top Visitors among 10 countries:                           19.425 American Users (IP’s)

The above figure -even amazing- shows that A) This Portal is now (if not only) the most referred website with respect to the polymer business in Iran; B) The American businesses are waiting for an opened market in Iran. The ranking of the Americans achieved and started to increase since Feb. 2016 and has been remained at the top all the way since 10 months ago.

To make this report no more explanatory, now we prefer to leave the analysis and the judgment of the figures contained in other images, here-in-below, to our loyal Viewers; Users; Subscribers; Advertising Companies and those who may access to this portal accidentally or via search engines.




The First Year Achievements of PIMI with American Users on Top
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