The winner of Italys 2015 Leonardo Economic Prize

The winner of  Italys 2015 Leonardo Economic Prize

The winner of  Italys 2015 Leonardo Economic Prize

Iranian co-chairman of Joint Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture says: “A new era for Iran-Italy relations has begun, citing updated Iranian laws for joint venture investments”

Ahmad Purfallah, the winner of Italy’s 2015 Leonardo Economic Prize of Italian Quality Improvement Committee from President Sergio Mattarella made the comment in an interview with Italy’s AGI news agency.
‘In the framework of the excellent Iran-Italy diplomatic and commercial ties there is still room for further improvement of ties and the economic relations have still not been quite established since normalizd Iran-West relations has not taken place yet,’ said Purfallah.
He said that the Iranian laws on foreign investments are pioneers in the field, adding: I have advised the Italian job creators not to merely look for the potential fields for industrial investments, but to focus in other fields, such as tourism so that Italy’s former top rank as Iran’s European partner will be once again regained.
Ahmad Pourfallah is the first Iranian businessman to win the Leonardo International Prize, a sign of the new direction of Italy’s relationship with Iran after the lifting of sanctions.
‘I am very happy and very proud, I will never forget this day’, Pourfallah told the AGI immediately after being presented with the prize by President Sergio Mattarella.
Mr Pourfallah is co-chairman of the Iran-Italy Joint Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines and Managing Director of Secco Iran, a company that manufactures construction materials.
President of the Leonardo Committee Luisa Todini stressed the fact that Iran is ‘a strategic country for Italy.’
Mr Pourfallah said the award was undoubtedly another sign of the new stage of relations after the lifting the sanctions: ‘Until a few years ago, Italy was Iran’s leading commercial partner and I hope things will soon return to the same level, with Italy as our leading partner. I hope many Iranian entrepreneurs will be awarded this precious prize.’

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The winner of Italys 2015 Leonardo Economic Prize
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