Will President Rouhani Impeachment Result in Integrity?

Will Pesident Rouhani Impeachment Result in Integrity?Integrity or simply changes in the Cabinet? These are the simple question that everybody asks himself with scheduled impeachment of President Rouhani. We try to have a closer look.

🔹 Talk about changes in government. Everyone, in his suspicion, insists on the need for changes in the administrative and the change of government executives.

There is no doubt about the need for changes in the cabinet, but it should be noted that the purpose of the changes is to increase the coordination and efficiency of the government, not merely some unplanned displacement.

Some points to note:

🔹First, managers who are themselves responsible for the current challenges and economical problems are not able to help overcome the crisis and improve the situation, and the president needs to extend the scope of the selection of managers from the current loop.

🔹 Second, there is no opportunity for more trial and error and repeating the mistakes. You should use the best possible options in the cabinet repair. With a broad and partisan outlook, one can find a list of competent and well-trained managers and craft-economists who have the idea that, unfortunately, the 11th and 12th governments deprived the country of its capacity.

🔹 Third, the administrative coordination and integrity is vital in the current context. Unfortunately, inconsistencies in government executives have caused a lot of damage to the country, which can be clearly seen in its effects. It is imperative that the main economic managers of the government, in particular the head of the Plan and Budget Organization, the Minister of Economy, the head of the Central Bank of Iran, the vice president’s economical adviser and the Minister of Industry, should be chosen in a completely coordinated way and among the new faces.

🔹Fourthly, we can find economists who are thorough and comprehensive in identifying the country’s major challenges and can provide operational strategies and policies. It is enough for the president to trust the right economists and the new idea owners and not just sauna friends; An Iranian verbal says; “Having wise enemy is much better than foolish friends”. Even chosen from foes, they never will turn against their country’s benefits.

A. A. Saatnia

Responsible Editor

Will President Rouhani Impeachment Result in Integrity?
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