Ordered to Tap Foreign Financing New NPC Chief Appointed Today

Ordered to Tap Foreign Financing New NPC Chief Appointed TodayFollowing the appointment of Mrs. Shahdaei as Minister of Oil’s successor, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, in a letter addressed Mr. Seyed Reza Noorzozadeh as chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company.
According to the contents of the Oil Minister decree:

“Reffering to the conclusions and at the suggestion of the members of the board of directors of the National Petrochemical Company, according to Article 5 of the Law on Duties and Powers of the Ministry of Petroleum, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on May 9th, 2012, you will be appointed as the Deputy Minister of Petrochemical Affairs and the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of this company.

Hoping to rely on Almighty Allah, in pursuing the policies of informing the resistance economy, with the unceasing effort to realize the second jump in the petrochemical industry through the management of technology absorption and upgrading, attraction of foreign capital, market access and increased exports, as well as emphasis on completing the value chain In this industry, in support of the balanced development of intermediate and downstream petrochemical industries, in collaboration with its sincere and dedicated staff, the company is committed to realizing the goals outlined for this industry in the sixth development plan.”

The official news website of NPC has added that: ” Norouzzadeh, a former member of the Iranian parliament and managing director of the Social Security Investment Company, replaced Marziyeh Shahdaei, the first woman chief of the company in Iran.

Attraction of foreign finances for funding petrochemical projects, implementation of the Economic Resilience instructions, realization of the second leap in the country’s petrochemical sector, promoting technologies in the industry, accessing foreign markets for exporting petrochemical items, and boosting Iran’s petrochemical exports are some of the main areas Zangeneh expects Norouzzadeh to be focused on in his new post.”

Sayed Reza Norouz Zadeh’s Executive Summary shows the following activities:

Member of Islamic Student Association (1979-80)
– Engineer of sugar factories production (1982-84)
– Head and Education Secretary (1982-87)
– Member of the Society of Engineers (Year 1989)
– Head of the Association of Industrial Directors (1998)
– The head of the five Islamic Revolutionary Conservatives
– Head of the Commission for Industries and Mines
– Representative for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sessions of the Islamic Consultative Assembly
– Member of the Anti-Corruption Committee in the Sixth Majlis
– Member of the board of directors of Kowsar Economic Group (Martyr Foundation)
– Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Khodro Khorasan
– Head of the Board of Directors of Saipa Automotive Group
– Member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce
– Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran Chamber of Commerce
– Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade
– Head of the Agency for the Development and Renovation of Iranian Industries
– Advisor to the Minister of Oil in Industrial Affairs
– Advisor to the Executive Vice President of Industrial Affairs
Shasta’s agent

He is a PhD. in Business Administration, born in Esfarayne (Khorasan Province)  in 1952.


Ordered to Tap Foreign Financing New NPC Chief Appointed Today
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