Polymer Prices Continue to Increase Based on Governmental Committees’ Decisions

Polymer Prices Continue to Increase Based on Governmental Committees’ DecisionsAnother Sunday, another meeting of the price committees and another increase in polymer prices. It is not known that if the polymer prices should follow the foreign currency rates in the black market, so what is the mission of a committee that is named “The office of development of the evolution industry”?

Thanks God for an obligation holiday of last week’s Sunday. If there was not a holiday no one knows that what would have been the increased prices for the whole last weeks’s day??

By the way, this week, after two weeks of standstill in prices deteremied on Nov. 12th for the weeks ending to Sunday Nov. 26th, the price committee decided to increase the new prices for the week ending to Dec. 3rd. 2017.

As expected, the new determined prices followed the present trend of the FOREX prices at the black market of Iran.

According to the PIMI report from the committee, the highest increase in prices observed for the expandable polystyrene materials by about Rials 1425 (about 3.5 cents/Kg.), and then GPS for 602 Rls. and bottle grades of PET by Rls. 502.

HIPS with an increase of Rls. 543 stood at the 3rd rank, while the lowest increase in price went to the film grade of LDPE by an increase of only Rls. 98.

Irrespective of the price increases for many polymers the committee also decreased some polymer prices in order to show its supporting face (if any) to the converting industries. Among these materials, PVC stands for the materials that suffered the highest price decline with more than 518 Rls. Then, other polymer grades suffered price decreases. Among it one may notice to the new prices for textile grades of PET, HDPE rotational moulding and injection grades of HDPE by Rls. 443, 81 and 78!

Currency exchange rate: Like accustomed methods the discovery value of the foreign currencies started with evakuation of US$ which finally priced at Rls. 40.976 with about 1% of increase in the US$ value. This new discovered price shows an increase of Rls. 376 for the new US$ value,

Polymer Prices Continue to Increase Based on Governmental Committees’ Decisions
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